Star Trek

My certainly most expensive hobby is Star Trek. First I watched Star Trek on a less than regular basis. It started with "Classic" and continued with The Next Generation. I was always a huge Riker Fan but I also like Data. The Next Generation is still my favourite Series.

When it came out I didn't like Deep Space Nine, because Riker was missing. ;-) I became a real Star Trek fan when Voyager started. By then I had accepted that Riker wasn't in it. Chakotay and Torres were my favourite characters at first. Since the 4th Season I also watched Deep Space Nine and became Fan of it too.

In '97 I went to my first convention. The guests were William Shatner (Kirk), Nana Visitor (Kira), Roxanne Dawson (Torres) and more. Except Shatner I liked them all and Kira became my new favourite DS9 character.

After that I have been to many conventions and spent a lot of money on videos, bedcovers, standups, figures, books, posters, many other collectibles and of course autographs.

I also love Enterprise and till the last convention Trip was my favourite character followed by Malcom Reed. But since he has been to the last convention and Dominic Keating is a very nice guy I now like Reed more.

My other favourite Star Trek Actor is Avery Brooks. I have seen him twice and I would like to see him again.

Like Tomb Raider my Star Trek Section became very big and is now filling it's own site, Unlike Tomb Raider this site is not only mine but also the work of two friends. But for now this site is only in german. So I'll leave my Star Trek stuff here.