Animals and Pets

Don't you just love animals. They are cute and cuddly. There are so many animals I like. Lions, tigers and other cats, squirrels, penguins, ladybirds, seals, big dogs (not all), bunnies, owls and more.

I currently have two pets. A black and white cat (female) called Neko and a red Chow Chow (male) named Baro. The dog was there first, being born in 2000. In 2004 we brought the little kitten home and after some animosity during the first couple of days Baro adopted the cat. Today Neko is the boss and when she wants to lie somewhere she manages to chase Baro away by cuddling him.

When I was a child we had another dog called Sascha. Like Baro he was a red Chow Chow. They looked very much alike but they are very different. Sascha was always a very quiet dog, you could leave him in front of the door and he would still be there two hours later. But Baro would be gone the second he is out there. He also barks very often, noone would get into the house unnoticed. If he knows the person coming he jumps up and down and runs around like mad. He is very picky concerning his food, if it doesn't smell good enough he won't eat. He is a very strong animal and all of us have trouble when going for a walk with him.