On the following pages I will introduce my hobbies to you. Some of them have been my hobbies for a long time, while others are relatively new.

Computer- and Video Games

I had given up on video games after Sonic the Hedgehog but then, when the PlayStation came out, I was introduced to Tekken. After getting a PlayStation I also got Tomb Raiders I and II and after that bought ever Tomb Raider.

I later bought the PlayStation 2 mainly to play Tekken and the Prince of Persia as by then I bought Tomb Raider for the PC.

The PS3 was the first console I got on it's release date. And when the Tomb Raider Underworld DLC came out I also bought the Xbox 360.

My favourite genre is action adventure; all games in which puzzles and action are evenly balanced. I also like Beat Em Ups (ok, only Tekken) and racing games.

Board Games

When we meet with friends, we often like to play board or card games as they are much more fun than computer games (with few exceptions).

Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Adventure