Star Wars

I always liked watching Star Wars but it was nothing I would spend my spare time with until Episode 1 came out. It's not so much the film I liked but the character of Darth Maul. In my opinion the movie was a bit weak, but not as bad as some Star Wars fans say. I didn't like Anakin, well I didn't like him in Part 2 either, and after a while JarJar was very unnerving. In my opinion Amidala and young Obi Wan were very interesting as well.

If I think back to the old movies Han Solo was always my favourite. Luke was sometimes behaving like a stupid little boy, just like Anakin in Episode 1 and 2, there we see where he's got that from. Luke was a bit more grown up in the third part which I liked. Besides that I would always call R2D2 one of my favourites. He's to cute.

I've got a little collection of Darth Maul figures at home. Always when I saw one I brought it back home. This included a lifesize standup which is now guarding my window, next to a couple of Star Trek Characters. Then I've got a couple of Lego Models, the sith speeder, Anakins Racepod, the large x-wing and a mindstorm R2D2 along with some smaller sets.