Tomb Raider

One of my favourite hobbies is Tomb Raider. The whole thing started when a friend and I bought a playstation to play Tekken 2. I saw this copy of Tomb Raider 2 standing next to Tekken and it sounded very interesting. Shortly after buying this game I got Tomb Raider 1 as well. Since then I bought every Tomb Raider game when it came out.

I think Lara Croft is a very interesting figure. I've always liked to visit archaeological sites when I've been on holiday. When I was young I prefered going out having an adventure to playing with dolls. I also like the fact that Lara is british. Since I lived in Windsor and Ascot for a long time I feel like this is my second home.

During the last years I've collected a lot of Tomb Raider Items. A couple of action figures, posters, outfit items, magazines and comics... Compared to Star Trek Tomb Raider is a very cheap hobby as there isn't that much stuff available.

I have dedicated a whole website to Lara Croft and Tomb Raider. Many people have contibuted to the site with their pictures - art and lookalike, stories and Custom Levels. The site contains walkthroughs and game hints, savegames, pictures, artwork, lookalikes, fanfiction, custom levels downloads, reviews and many many more.

I have also started a Forum for Tomb Raider discussions. Currently we have a few more than 50 Members and a huge number of unregistered users who ask for help. I thinks that's a very good number if you consider that the forum has only been running for a couple of months.

When looking for a content management system to help me with my fan fiction section, I came across mediawiki and decided to start a Tomb Raider wiki.